Mountain Bikes For Ladies

Ladies' MTBs are built specifically for women to improve performance when riding. Some of the features of these bikes are a smaller and lighter frame to improve handling, so it is more suited to women.

Many of the big brands make women versions of their mountain bikes built from scratch.

Unleash your feminine side with MTBs for ladies

No longer is mountain biking the preserve of the male, today's modern woman is just as likely to be found on the rough terrains, as she is anywhere else. A great number of manufacturers have awoken to this fact and are now creating bikes with the female in mind. Whether this is creating a bike that is ergonomically created to suit the female form, or if it is just created around a different color scheme, there is a bike for every female. The range of ladies mountain bikes is growing rapidly and no matter your skills or experience, the perfect bike should be easy to find.

Obviously every human is different, but on the whole, there is an expectation, that females are smaller than men. This has been recognized by the biking manufacturers and smaller bikes with lighter frames are being created. These are no mere resizes of the original product, but genuine new products built from scratch, to suit the lady rider of today. Scientific and technological advances have made it easier, to make a product to more specific requirements, and this is where the ladies mountain bikes range is head and shoulders above previous generations. The fittings for the seat and head angles have been constructed with the female shape and posture in mind, making them a big hit with the women cyclist.

With women making up more of the population than men, it would be foolish for firms, not to supply a range to suit the needs of today's cycling female. Whether she is a regular weekend warrior getting out on her bike, or perhaps a more casual rider, there is the perfect bike to suit her needs. All the top ranges including Giant and Magna produce a specific range for females, so there is plenty of choice for the lady cyclist to make.

Mountain biking is a sport that all the family can enjoy, so the introduction of ladies mountain bikes has really helped make everyone feel included. The added comfort and security, that comes from knowing your bike has been created to suit the needs of your body shape, creates freedom. This product range has been a great reason behind the rising numbers of females, who have been getting on their bikes in recent years.