Mountain Bikes For Kids

Mountain bikes are not just for adults, kids can also join in the fun. In fact, there is a large range of mountain bicycles for kids available, which offer great performance and also affordability.

Kids' bikes are smaller and come in a variety of different sizes usually from 12 - 26 inches (saddle from the ground).

Kids 24'' Schwinn Ranger Mountain Bike

Kids 24'' Schwinn Ranger Mountain Bike

Price: $150.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 11h 55m
Youth Haro FL 20 Blue white 20" Kids MTB Mountain Bike 6 speed

Youth Haro FL 20 Blue white 20" Kids MTB Mountain Bike 6 speed

Price: $99.99 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 20h 12m

Choosing mountain bikes for kids

Mountain biking may used to have been seen as a manly exploit, but these days are long past. Many females enjoy the thrill and exhilaration of a mountain bike expedition, as much as any man and this has led to many families taking part. And if mum, and dad are getting on their bikes, there clearly has to be something done for the kids, too. This is why there is a growing supply of kids mountain bikes, so that the whole family can enjoy a day out on their bikes.

Naturally the kids mountain bikes are a lot smaller than the adult bikes, but they are not just cut down replicas. A lot of scientific thought and analysis has gone into the manufacturing of these bikes, and they are built with the child’s needs specifically in mind. This extra degree of care allows parents to have more confidence in their kids safety, when they are hurtling around on their bike. Let’s face it, kids love danger and excitement, so they probably wouldn’t give two thoughts to the safety features, that are on their bike, but you can bet that mum and dad, have thought long and hard, about which bike is the best for their child.

The design and fashion of the kids mountain bikes may be far more vibrant and fun than the adult versions, but there has been no compromise in anything else about its production. Knowing full well that the cycling family is a market, that is vital to tap into, most manufacturers have put serious consideration into making the best possible product for families. The more a parent feels safe about taking their child out cycling with them, the more they will go out. This creates a higher demand for all types of bikes and it makes sense for kids bikes to be created to the highest possible quality.

With the top range brands manufacturing a host of kids mountain bikes to suit every budget and need, there has never been a better time to buy. Whether the kids are ready for the full off road experience, or they want to build up their level of participation, there is no need to worry about the overall quality and range of bikes available.