GT Zaskar Mountain Bikes

GT Zaskar bikes use cutting edge and lightweight, but also extremely durable designs. They also provide good strength and agility, which make it suitable for going up and down hills with ease.

The general feedback for the bikes has been very positive with one buyer saying "the bike will outclimb all the carbon epics, full suspensions, and all the pricier hardtails."

2013 GT Zaskar Carbon 9r Elite, Size M - INV-15530

2013 GT Zaskar Carbon 9r Elite,  Size M - INV-15530

Price: $1,263.33 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 22h 8m
GT Zaskar Elite Mountain Bike Size Large

GT Zaskar Elite Mountain Bike Size Large

Price: $579.95 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 2d 23h 33m
GT Zaskar Carbon Expert Large RAW

GT  Zaskar Carbon Expert Large RAW

Price: $1,999.00
Buy It Now: $2,599.00
Time Left: 3d 2h 33m


Price: $649.99 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 3d 7h 48m

GT Zaskar Mountain Bikes: Reliability and Agility

Ok. Here is the situation that you have gotten yourself into: Its the middle of summer, its hot and you are so very tired. Your legs and arms feel like spaghetti after only riding for just a couple of hours, it feels like the handlebars of your bike have a mind of their own, and the wheels are dragging so heavy it seems like theyve melded with the road. You feel like you want to park your bike at the nearest bus stop and pray that the next bus has a bike rack (or otherwise you will be striking out on foot rather than get back on your behemoth of a bike). Its obvious at this point that you are not riding a GT Zaskar mountain bike; if you where, youd be wishing the day would never end. The Zaskar packs a lot of muscle into its extremely light frame. It offers its riders a light piece of equipment that holds its own and has a very high degree of durability and strength.

The GT Zaskar mountain bike is likely the best in its class; its cutting edge technology takes mountain biking to a whole new level. This mountain bike is so lightweight you would never think that it could climb hills and take on down hill dives with such deliberate ease. Its extremely durable design is what makes taking on those hills such a breeze. The Zaskar can take on bikes considered out of its class and come out way on top; while others are stuck in the mud, the GT Zaskar mountain bike will have you sitting on top of the hill looking down on the unfortunate ones who dont own a Zaskar.

The strength and agility of the GT Zaskar mountain bike wont go unnoticed on the open road either; when you feel the need for speed, it will move along with you supporting you at high speed with little effort. And because its not a heavy bike, it can maneuver around any obstacle, stop on a dime, and behave on any terrain. You pick the place and the Zaskar wont meet you there, it will get you there; over the hills and through the woods, up the dirt mound and through the mud to wherever you want to go.

If dependability, strength and maneuverability are not high on your list of requirements for a mountain bike, and you dont mind being that guy thats schlepping along in the hot summer sun, tired & weary, and feeling like he and his bike are in a never ending power struggle to see who is in control; you might want to just buy the first thing you come across that has two wheels and a frame in between. If, on the other hand, you want a mountain bike that will have you still feeling like you could actually climb mountains after hours of riding; you might be a GT Zaskar mountain bike kind of guy.