GT Avalanche Mountain Bikes

The GT Avalanche MTB is a great road bike and is very comfortable for long journeys.

GT Avalanche bikes are very affordable and reliable. One reviewer said "this bike is superb for long rides as you can sit back and cruise quiet easily as the suspension is great."

Gt Avalanche 3.0 in excellent conditions

Gt Avalanche 3.0 in excellent conditions

Price: $350.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 16d 10h 57m
2012 GT Bicycle Avalanche 4.0

2012 GT Bicycle Avalanche 4.0

Price: $300.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 18d 13h 40m
GT Avalanche 2.0 All Terra disc S 16.5" with Lock-Out

GT Avalanche 2.0 All Terra disc S 16.5" with Lock-Out

Price: $397.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 24d 27m

Why Choose GT Avalanche Mountain Bikes?

From one of the leading manufacturers in the mountain biking industry, comes the GT Avalanche mountain bike. GT is very likely one of the most prolific mountain bike makers in the nation; they currently have a selection of well over 140 different mountain bikes in their stable. With so many choices, every member of the family is sure to find the bike the fits them to a tee. Whether it be a bike for hard core off road biking or a set of bikes for simply hanging out around town with the family, GT has something in its inventory to fit the bill.

The GT Avalanche mountain bikes are available for everyone including the rugged fun loving youngsters in the family who are anxious to get a little dirty; the casual riding enthusiast who just likes street cruising in his leisure; or the specialty group of riders who enjoy being active and getting into a variety of sport categories. The GT Avalanche mountain bikeís special significance lies in its terrific suspension, which gives the rider a great deal of comfort over long road trips. It is known among riders as a bike that you can kind of sit back and enjoy the scenery on, and not have to worry about being worn out by the ride.

Take the GT Avalanche mountain bike out on your next cross country ride, and watch the handling and responsiveness of the bike contribute to the overall comfort allowing you to ride for hours on end without facing the fatigue that some other bikes might cause you. The Avalanche packs all of this into a package that is affordable to those of us who are less than affordable, providing us with the most luxurious ride at some of the lowest prices you will ever find in its class. Some of the other brands under the GT umbrella are the Xziang, the Ruckus, the Agressor and the Zaskar. Each one of GT brands can offer you all of the thrill and pure pleasure of being out in the fresh air and sun enjoying the wind blowing through your hair.

All the while knowing that the bike you depend on is going to be even more reliable than you might imagine. With the GT Avalanche mountain bike youíre going to find yourself with a dependable and durable bicycle thatís ready for what ever long haul you might have in you. With its overall performance and ease of use the Avalanche also fits in well with the long distance racing fan. The frame is made to be light weight to improve maneuverability and speed, and can get you to the head of the pack if thatís where you want to be.

If a bike that takes you the distance is high on your list, or may become a priority for you some time down the road (no pun intended), the Avalanche should definitely be on your list of bikes to take a long hard look at.