Mountain Bike Manufacturers

There are many different mountain bike manufacturers and their official websites along with our store pages have been provided below:

GT mountain bikes (store page) (manufacturer website)

Kona mountain bikes

Giant mountain bikes

Scott mountain bikes

Rocky mountain bikes

Mountain Bike Manufacturers: Unlimited Possibilities

If you’re in the market for an off road bike, you’ll find that you have more options now than ever before. With a plethora of choices to pick from, finding a bike that fits your size, ability and even design taste, is an easy shopping trip or a few mouse clicks away. Bikes are available for every member of the family, and for every level of activity.

One mountain bike manufacturer known for very durable performance equipment is Kona. A Kona bike offers the rider the confidence of knowing that they are covered in all weather conditions and on a variety of terrains. If dirt jumping suits your fancy, the strong frame of a Kona is just what the doctor ordered. You’ll be tooling around up and down the nearest hills, kicking up dirt to you heart’s content, all the while having the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve acquired a high performance piece of equipment at a great price. Rocky Mountain bikes are famous for their range of options and a fine blending of technology & craftsmanship. Rocky offers a variety of choices in biking, whether your taste is hard-core competitive biking or something a little bit tamer like family recreation. They make bikes for the entire family from the little ones on up to mom and dad.

Another option in mountain bike manufacturers is Giant. Giant is the largest mountain bike maker in the United States, and offers a broad range of bikes to fit men or women. Giant is behind a list of popular brands in biking; offering such names as the Yukon, Reign and Iguana. All of which are well known for outstanding quality in the biking community. Giant is also well known as a team sponsor in professional cycling. Scott is another popular mountain bike manufacturer. Scott’s claim to fame is that they where among the first to offer bikes with full suspension. With their uni-shock suspension, Scott bikes provide a ride unlike most. As you take that jump you can rest assured that your landing will be padded from the full brunt of the off-road terrain. Scott’s brands include the Spark, Contessa, Gambler, Aspect and Scale. Notably, Scott also developed biking accessories like helmets and shoes for cycling.

One final option in mountain bike manufacturers is GT Bicycles. GT makes over 140 different models that cover the entire biking spectrum from BMX to juvenile, and everything in between. GT’s major brands include the Xziang, Ruckus, Aggressor and the Zaskar lines. GT has placed itself among the leaders in the industry with its quality constructed bikes, and unheard of variety.

These manufacturers represent a large portion of the total offerings on the market, and cover a virtually unlimited range of types of bikes. With so many options, riders of any size, shape and health level should be able to easily find a bike that fits their needs and desires.