Cheap Mountain Bikes

Many people search for cheap mountain bicycles online so we have decided to provide a list of MTBs for sale at under $100.

There are a variety of brands available and although they are all under $100, they offer supreme quality and performance.

Trek mountain bike

Trek mountain bike

Price: $71.00 (3 Bids)
Time Left: 10h 49m
Huffy mountain bike

Huffy mountain bike

Price: $70.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 16h 8m
24" Kent Woman's purple mountain bike,

24" Kent Woman's purple mountain bike,

Price: $70.00
Buy It Now: $100.00
Time Left: 18h 29m

Cheap Mountain Bikes: Grab a Bargain

A lot of good quality cheap mountain bikes are available if you just know where to look. When you begin your search, a couple of different points should be considered. The first question you should ask yourself is just what do you need in terms of a bike; will you be taking it for the occasional spin on terrain that has no resemblance to a mountain of any size? Or will you actually be heading directly off-road to the most rugged spaces you can find in and out of town? Also, will you be taking the bike out on a regular basis, or will it collect dust between the rare visits down the driveway?

After youíve given these initial questions a whirl, you can start to consider what type of mountain bike will best suit your needs. Youíll need to keep in mind the bike size as it relates to your size and strength; you donít want to end with a bike that you canít lift or need help climbing onto, youíll definitely be parking it in the darkest corner of the garage if that happens. Remember the primary reason you want the bike is to ride it. Yes, you may think because youíre considering a cheap mountain bike that itís not that big an investment, but what you are really investing in is you. Even a cheap mountain bike (or any other bike for that matter) will provide you with a very fun way of getting and staying healthy. While enjoying your commune with nature or just getting out seeing the city, and discovering all of the wonderful little things you miss when zipping by in a car, you will actually be doing a great service to your body and soul.

Biking has been known as a kind of full body cardio workout for some time now. It is the melding of man and machine that also pays for itself in literal financial terms. No fuel cost means that if youíre able to grab the bike and ride to run errands or even pedal to work, youíll find yourself saving quite a few dollars (especially considering the price of a gallon of gas these days). Biking will have you feeling better about yourself in a global sense as well; every mile you bike rather than drive, though it may seem to be a small thing in the overall picture, helps the planet in a cascading effect.

You ride to work instead of driving, and a couple of gallons of gas gets saved. Thatís a couple of gallons of gas that your local station does not have to have replenished from the local distribution network, and the network doesnít have to order from the refinery that spews out air pollution. Even further down the pike, thereís a little oil that would produce that same couple of gallons of gas that now doesnít have to be drilledÖ and itís all because of that cheap mountain bike.